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Neighbourhood Cruiser

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019
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The foundations of a Vekllei neighbourhood, repeated so often to foreigners and children, is the community β€” a group of people larger than a family but small enough to have valuable social bonds through work and shared spaces. In a society without currency, value is almost entirely derived from your immediate surrounds.

Municipal police, as distinct from Venrouiva police, appear in many different roles in Vekllei communities. There are officers as we’d understand them, but there are also many employees of the municipal police that deal exclusively with social work, mental health and substance dependency. These social workers, while employed by a neighbourhood police department, are not actually police officers and do not have the ability to detain people.

All constables ride in cars built like European cruisers but styled like American ones, with many lights and an obvious presence on Vekllei’s empty roads. All of them are electric, but motorcycles still use combustion engines. The type of car used varies between municipalities, but the markings are the same.

This is more of a concept sketch than anything, I’m just refining how I think it should look. Feedback appreciated, as always!