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The Workhorse of the Vekllei Army

Tuesday, Mar 14, 2023
The M2 “Stallion” General-Purpose Utility Vehicle.

The M2 “Stallion” is the backbone of the army. It carries everything from troops to stretchers to fission reactors across streets, sand and snow. It is customisable at the factory and in the field, and can serve nearly any role for Vekllei’s fast-moving, hard-hitting army regiments.

It is a medium-wheelbase1 utility vehicle with a naturally aspirated 6-cylinder, 4.6 litre diesel engine made by Atlantic Auto. No one company can lay claim to the success of the vehicle – the M2 is the result of industrial collaboration on a national scale, involving hundreds of contractors to meet a visionary committee brief. It has a 5-speed manual transmission with front and rear locking hubs that allow it to leap up boulders, with enough torque to tow armoured vehicles out of the line of fire.

Almost all aspects of the vehicle can be repaired and replaced in the field. The electrical system, engine block and panelling are accessible and modular. Its reliability is famous, and it will run happily for hundreds of thousands of kilometres in fire and ice.

The M2 can be configured as an ambulance, troop carrier, power supply, fuel truck, gun platform, or for many dozens of other uses as required. To this end, it forms the basis of Vekllei’s flexible military logistics systems, and should be regarded as essential to the Vekllei Army as their rifles.

  1. The M2 also comes in six-wheel configurations for heavier payloads. ↩︎