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Monday, Dec 11, 2023
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Commonwealth military helijets come in all shapes and sizes.

The Commonwealth uses helijets for all kinds of roles. These are military jets, designed for war.

Most helijets are nuclear powered and are very heavy, but have much greater lift capacities than traditional helicopters, and move faster. You can read more about these ones below.

Counterclockwise from top left:

  1. The No. 5 “Hera” is a versatile jet with five light engines suitable for moving people and cargo at high speed to places planes can’t land. It routes its central engine around the main cabin, and is very common in the skies around Vekllei. It is popular in civil aviation too.

  2. The No. 6 β€œGaia” is a heavy-lift jet, built specifically to carry a No. 4 main battle tank. This is a tremendous logistic advantage and lends Vekllei’s military an expeditionary, fast-moving character.

  3. The No. 12 β€œNike” is another versatile jet, but serves specific purposes. Some are outfitted as flying hospitals; others as airborne command centres. This one carries sonar torpedoes, stationed on the frigate β€œMontevideo”. It has a huge lifting capacity for underslung cargo.

  4. The No. 14 β€œHecate” looks like a stubby fighter, but is a helijet in design and function. It carries material for close air-support to rain down fire on ground targets. It can’t take on real fighter jets β€” its unusual design is to aid in speed for getting the hell out of there.