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The Five Uniforms of Any Good Vekllei Girl

Thursday, Aug 17, 2017
⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

These are the five basic outfits a kid in the city of Vekllei rotates between in their life. This is Tzipora. She’s sharp and a little scruffy. She’s eleven years old.

The first is her school uniform, complete with embroidered armband featuring the national crest. The skirt has a longer pleated section. She wears penny loafers.

The second is the uniform of the Vekllei Blossoms, equivalent to the Pioneers in the USSR and Red China, or Boy Scouts in the West. The uniforms are designed around mobility and athleticism, as the focus of these groups has drifted from militarism and centres firmly on nature, building good habits, and instilling the spiritual philosophy of Vekllei in future generations.

The third is the national dress of Vekllei. It is beautiful, detailed and unique to each girl who wears it. You can find a full-colour picture of this girl in her national dress, with accompanying information, here.

The fourth is her casual clothes. Although this is informed by the taste of the girl, this collared shirt and skirt is pretty representative of fashion in 2063. Little flamingos print her white shirt. Flamingos are a popular motif in Vekllei. She holds a magnetic tape reader in her hand that plays music, like ones found in the United States. She can clip it onto the waist of her skirt and do chores while she listens.

The fifth is a hastily-assembled civil defence volunteer uniform. She is in pyjamas, dressed only in slippers and a long shirt, having awakened seconds before, but she wears the armband with the civil defence logo, a heavy helmet to protect her head and carries a high-beam torch. In the event the sirens go off, she will knock on the doors of neighbouring apartments and guide elderly residents to shelters while older and more experienced folk will tackle more complex duties.

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