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The Crown and the Gi

Saturday, Aug 6, 2022
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The Crown #

The crown depicted here is not the actual crown of the Vekllei Sovereign,1 but in fact the national hat of Vekllei and is part of traditional dress. This ‘crown,’ so-called, is a felt or velvet hat with two peaks and a tall, narrow brim stitched with traditional patterns in gold thread. Historically, the crown was a work hat made of leather and wool, but today it is designed primarily for fashion and comfort, and is most commonly seen at ceremonies, schools and some professions like the Public Police.

The Gi #

The gi is a women’s ‘quarter-pleat,’ and is one of several styles of separated ‘pleats’ used in Vekllei traditional dress. It consists of a strip of fabric about the width of a leg, stitched with Rapotenne runes to communicate familial or spiritual heritage.2 Traditionally gi were worn to the hem length of traditional skirts (at the ankle), but have shortened with skirt fashions in modernity. Similarly, many modern gi use regular Topet in place of Rapotenne, which signals a cultural shift of their use away from spiritual artefacts towards secular cultural items. The popularity of the gi today is the result of their use in uniforms in education and some professions, introducing the practice and style to Vekllei’s large immigrant populations and ensuring the gi’s survival into the Floral Period. Gi mostly remain formal or ceremonial wear for special occasions, but are seeing some limited use in modern fashions.

  1. The sovereign’s crown is only metaphysical, and reproduced as three intersecting rings in Vekllei logography. ↩︎

  2. Traditional runes and names in Vekllei are considered to have power, and so are used for religious rather than poetric reasons on gi, though this practice has changed with time. ↩︎