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Naval Commando

Saturday, Nov 25, 2023
Leftward man and woman: meeting dress; rightward man and woman: everyday dress.

A Commonwealth naval commando, an elite coastguard unit used for boarding ships.

They’re known for their white helmets and hair-raising stunts, often leaping from coastguard vessels to the slippery decks of intercepted boats during fierce Atlantic storms.

Their white helmets are for visibility in case they go overboard; camouflage is unnecessary since almost all their fighting happens within tight ship corridors and across decks.

The coastguard is a military branch, but reports to the Commonwealth parliament, and so is distinguished as the “Navy of the Parliament.”

Fun Fact

Because the Commonwealth consists only of islands, their entire ground forces are technically marine infantry and are trained as such.

They don’t even have distinct branches as typical of most militaries today; their navy encompasses all branches of combat.