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A New Challenger Has Appeared!

Saturday, Oct 19, 2019
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Well isn’t this exciting! The talented u/Herald_of_Zena decided to draw Isabelle from his world in the uniforms I posted the other day. It was too much fun not to join in. It turned out to be a classic story told in two parts – shit weather, put on coat.

It’s a pleasure seeing such a unique style that’s really one of a kind in the worldbuilding scene. It’s painterly and soft where a lot of worldbuilders favour a determined, blocky, concept art look. Check out some other pieces on Isabelle while you’re here β€” she’s a really intriguing character with a stoic sort of disposition, not unlike our Zelda.

It’s just so cool to see an item or outfit from my world appear in someone else’s style. Thanks a lot mate, it was a blast.