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This is Blood Worship

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018
⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

Blood is everything to these women. It defines them through every stage of life β€” bloody emerging from the womb, bloody again in the delicate transition from child to womanhood, and bloody on the table, awaiting cremation in wait of the afterlife.

Even in her name β€” Zelda lo Ula Desmoines β€” the premise of blood is there.

Zelda, blood of Ula, daughter of the Desmoines family…

Yet her fundamental human ritual has broken down. It is corrupted β€” as a Gregori Baby, she will never reach menarche and have a period, nor will she ever end up on the mortician’s table. And the promises these things bring β€” of family, of love, of fucking, of heritage, of mourning β€” so too are they stolen from her. So if in her native culture her blood defines her, then what definition does she have? Her womanhood is rotted, it is sick, and she is incomplete.

Part of her wonders if the spirits can sense it, too. They seem to flock to her, like demons, as though they can sense she only has one foot in the corporeal world. Is there a reason why blood demons ignore her? And why, on entrance to the spirit world, did the spirits filled her lungs with blood? Maybe these things are just coincidences, but nonetheless…

Be thankful of your blood. Be proud of your bloodline, and when you bleed, acknowledge that what drips from you is everything you are. Some girls, like Zelda here, have to remind themselves that they are human to make it through the day.

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