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Bea and the Mosses

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020
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✿ This character was illustrated as a gift to Bike. Happy Birthday!

This is Bea, an energetic Botanist with the Landscape Bureau of Vekllei. People know her as an eccentric young woman easily persuaded by cottage-fashions, but she takes her work very seriously and spends most of her waking hours documenting the dense temperate rainforests of Vekllei’s coastal lowlands. These are not particularly adventurous expeditions β€” most of her work is performed along old trails and paths, but Bea finds the sublime amidst the mundane and has contributed enormously to the ecological understanding of local flora in the borough of Holsyim, where she was born. She specialises in Bryology, the study of mosses and soft green bric-a-brac found abundant on Vekllei’s cool wet forest floors.

Wish her luck on her work, it benefits all people to know and respect the smallest of things around them.