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An Intelligence Analyst and Her Medals

Friday, Jun 2, 2023

Ayn is an Intelligence Analyst at HO/NI’s Section 3. Intelligence officers in the Commonwealth have ranks, called Grades, and receive awards that can be displayed above their ID tag in formal settings. In civilian clothes, two awards (usually the highest but at the discretion of the officer) are worn in a ribbon bar. In full dress the medals are worn.

From top to bottom, Ayn’s accessories are listed:

  1. Ribbon bar featuring the Order of Veletia and the National Service Medal.
  2. ID tag featuring name, photograph, ID number, expiry and department.
  3. The HO/NI Intelligence Pin worn by all officers.
  4. The Order of Veletia, awarded for saving many lives or preventing extraordinary harm as part of service, or for acts of extraordinary courage. Ayn received this for her part in Operation Sea of Reeds.
  5. The National Service Medal, awarded for consistently distinguished and competent service to the directorate. Ayn received this shortly after ten years service for her exemplary work in analysis.