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A Social Economy

Thursday, Oct 12, 2023
feature image
Tzipora has baked a baguette in class. Their school was designed the revivalist mayan-prairie style.

This illustration accompanies an essay, called A Social Economy. It was written as an introduction to Vekllei’s essential premise – its moneyless economy. It is about as brief as I can make it, but it is also a work in progress that can hopefully be updated in future, as I refine not just the ideas involved but how I communicate them.

Moneylessness is maybe the most fantastical aspect of Vekllei, and so it is particularly interesting to me. I’m well aware it’s a bit crazy, but taking it seriously and engaging with it is the joy of this project. My drawings help depict what a society based on these ideas might look like. All these things contribute to Vekllei’s immersive and unique qualities.

❀ Read here: A Social Economy