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Sunday, Nov 10, 2019

Hey everyone,

Hobart here. You might not know it, but I’m sort of a big fucking deal on the internet. No, don’t touch me. Why am I? Because my subreddit just hit 1,000 subscribers. What’s a subreddit? I’m actually laughing at you; imagine not knowing what reddit is. You ingrate.

Seriously though, this whole renewal of the project through a subreddit (rather than disconnected r/worldbuilding posts) has been an amazing thing. It gives me more wriggle room in what I can talk about, and — even better — allows me introduce you to my characters, who are very precious to me.

Your State of the Subreddit bulletin follows:

  1. If you’ll turn your attention to the badges on this post, I’ve scribbled up a few community awards for fun. They’re both 500 coins, the cheapest I can make it. They can’t give you premium. Reddit is garbage and they don’t really deserve your money, but some of the regulars here are pretty wonderful and if they ask a really good question or something you can reward them in a way you never could in Vekllei — with money. I made them so I can hand them out, really. You can choose from ‘Medal of Valour’ for long-time service or ‘Great Question’ for, uh, you can probably guess. Let me know what you think. Do I need more types?
  2. For my new friends, of which there are many of you, it might take a while to settle into Vekllei’s world and characters. For example, Tzipora, pictured here abusing a friend, also goes by Zelda. If you get confused, you can check out this meta intro to the project and this brief summary of Vekllei as a country.
  3. I’ve got a few different projects going, in addition to the regular posts. I’ve made a Twitch, since it’s literally a single button on my iPad to stream me working. This isn’t the start of some illustrious streaming career, just something that was easy to do. I also have a Patreon, if you’d like to send a few dollars my way for the posts or food or whatever else. On the horizon is the graphic novel (no two ways about it, it’s a long-term project but it’s coming), and a few special experiments.

Thanks again for hanging around. I’m very lucky to have a community that responds to my work. So many of you have reached out personally and interrogated my posts and it’s very flattering to attract that sort of interest. I’ll keep on keeping on.

Hobart Phillips