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Rum Republic

Rum is part of the Lucayan Commonwealth
Rum Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Capital Conception
Population 4,910
Area 241 km2
Languages English, Lucayan
Vekllei Accession 1930, as part of the Alford Agreement

The Rum Republic (also Rummy) is a constituent republic of Vekllei in the Lucayan archipelago. It comprises two inhabited islands, San Salvador and Rum Island, the islet of Conception (now a Commonwealth Preservation) as well as some minor islets and rocks. It is situated in the west of the Lucayan archipelago, and the eastern coast of San Salvador is exposed to the open Atlantic.

About three fifths of its people, mostly ethnic Lucayans and some whites, live in the capital of Conception on San Salvador. The remainder live around its coast or in the settlement of Travesty on Rum Island. The islands are mostly flat with some minor hills, and San Salvador is characterised by small lakes and ponds across its surface. Both are fringed by picturesque coral reefs that attract some tourists from other parts of Vekllei.

While San Salvador has a minor airport and a single tramline circumnavigating its coast, Rum Island is accessible only by its pier. The republic is comparatively isolated from the larger Lucayan islands, and lives there are typically relaxed, characterised by municipal farming, some fishing, and recreational island activities. The capital of Conception is home to all major infrastructure, including the post office, power station, police station and the republic’s only secondary school. Minor tourism is facilitated by inns and guesthouses.

The island of Conception is an uninhabited preservation, and is home to a unique species of Boa. It has a research station from the LSRE there. The navy also maintains a naval station, primarily used for monitoring and navigation, on the north point of San Salvador.

Points of Interest
  • Salvador Research Centre, Commonwealth University of the West Indies
  • Salvador Naval Station
  • Conception Island Research Station, LSRE