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Civil Servants in Vekllei

Part of the state series of articles

Vekllei has a large government that is responsible for broad aspects of life and living in Vekllei. Members of government that are elected are known as public servants. Members of government administration, ministries, bureaus and departments that are employed are known as civil servants.

Titles of Civil Servant Managers in Vekllei

1. Minister

A minister leaders a ministry and reports to a public servant. While it is often a political position, ministers are appointed by the Cabinet or Directory, and are not elected. They employ a large staff that coordinate with subordinate bureaux and commissions.

2. Director

A director or executive leads a government bureau (not to be confused with industrial bureaus) or organisation. They are usually appointed from industry or promoted from within, and are expected to be experts in their field. A single bureau is responsible for an entire aspect of administration in the country, and is a highly demanding position.

3. Secretary

A secretary or commissioner leads a government department or commission. They may employ a personal staff, who are known as undersecretaries.

4. Officer

An officer or chief leads an office, a specialised division of a government department. These are specific roles requiring specific expertise.