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Sagas of Vekllei

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Sagas are a kind of historic prose narrative that recorded the oral history of early Oslola. They are distinguished by their use of Topyas, a predecessor to modern Topet. They are recognised for their realism and poetry, and provide a valuable historical record of the 1st Commonwealth and practices of Old Upen.

Sagas were consolidated into historical and thematic eras in the 14th Century during the Period of Rest, which is typically how they are arranged today.

Sagas of Old Oslola

  • God Saga, c. 880AD
  • Saga of Origins c. 940AD
  • Saga of Saints c. 960AD
  • Saga of Family c.1000AD
  • Saga of Spirits c. 1200AD
  • Saga of New Earth c. 1300AD