߷ This article is about a ministry of the Vekllei Interior Parliament

Overview #


The Ministry of Defence (COSMOKOS) represents the Sovereign Armed Forces of the Vekllei Commonwealth in the Interior Government, which are consolidated under the Commonwealth Military Command. COSMOKOS does not exercise command authority over the armed forces of Vekllei, and serves instead as the ministerial liaison between the Commonwealth Military Command and the Interior Government. Common responsibilities of COSMOKOS include:

  • Recruitment of citizens and foreigners into the Commonwealth armed forces.
  • Procuring equipment to meet the Vekllei obligation towards the Commonwealth armed forces.
  • Training citizens and foreigners for the branches of the Commonwealth armed forces.
  • Conducting scientific military research.
  • Policing and security of Vekllei territories and waters.

COSMOKOS also provides security services domestically, and is responsible for most internal police and security organisations in Vekllei.

Armed Forces of Vekllei #

The Armed Forces of Vekllei, arranged under the COSMOKOS ministry, are unusual in that they do not have control directly over troops or equipment. The actual armed forces of Vekllei, known as the Crown Armed Forces, are a sovereign feature of the country and as such are placed under direct supervision of the Palace of Vekllei – seperate from the Vekllei and Commonwealth governments.

The purpose of the Armed Forces of Vekllei, an agency-level body under control of COSMOKOS, is to integrate the Crown Armed Forces with the interior government, and facilitate the employ of Vekllei people in the Armed Forces.

Department of Communications #

The Department of Communications is a bureau-level organisation of the Armed Forces responsible for coordinating public information about military activities. It also produces several newspapers and periodicals for servicemen through subservient publishing houses.

Department of Compulsory Service #

The Department of Compulsory Service (DoCS, also CS) oversees the Vekllei Compulsory Service Scheme, a hybrid civilian/military conscription law that requires four years from each Commonwealth citizen between the ages of 18 and 32. Despite reporting to the Armed Forces of COSMOKOS, the DoCS does not facilitate widespread conscription and mobilisation of the civilian population, a role served by the DoM. Instead, it is responsible primarily for supervising the fulfilment of the Compulsory Service Scheme, and administrating the conscription and training of Vekllei citizens, including in civilian and industrial roles.

Department of Foreign Affairs #

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA) coordinates military affairs with states overseas, including members of the Commonwealth. Responsibilities include facilitating military exchange and cooperation with foreign militaries, as well as relations-focussed work with strategic and allied nations.

Department of Mobilisation #

The Department of Mobilisation (DoM) is responsible for recruitment in peacetime, and conscription in the outbreak of war. In the Floral Period, Vekllei defensive doctrine aims to make the country “ungovernable,” requiring widespread mobilisation and training of the civilian population. Unlike the DoCS, the DoM is concerned primarily with the combat effectiveness of the mobilised population, and is generally distinguished in its strategic military thinking.

Department of Peacekeeping #

The Department of Peacekeeping (DoP) coordinates Vekllei’s overseas peacekeeping operations. Vekllei is among the largest contributors of men and equipment towards United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, which are responsible to and administrated by the DoP while deployed. The Department of Peacekeeping also engages with international mechanisms for peace, and contributes personnel as part of foreign aid or disaster relief.

Intelligence Liaison Office #

The Intelligence Liaison Office is a specialised office that coordinates military intelligence between Vekllei’s security apparatuses, particularly those of the National Intelligence Directorate. Intelligence gathering in Vekllei is performed by a variety of mostly autonomous espionage organs, and the purpose of the Liaison is to authenticate and prepare intelligence for military use. It includes the following branches.

  • National Intelligence Branch: Coordination of intelligence gathered by security apparatuses with Armed Forces.
  • Civilian Intelligence Branch: Coordination of intelligence gathered by industrial and civilian sectors (in occupied territories, for example) with Armed Forces and security apparatuses.
  • Strategic Intelligence Branch: Coordination of intelligence gathered by the Armed Forces with security apparatuses.

Sovereign Liaison Office #

The Sovereign Liaison Office is a specialised office intended to link the command of the Crown Armed Forces of Vekllei with COSMOKOS, an interior ministry with no direct control over troops of the Crown. Although it is the de facto office of communication with the Crown forces, in practice communication generally occurs directly with the relevant COSMOKOS department. The purpose of the Sovereign Liaison is mostly as a democracy-advocate, supervising the COSMOKOS departments as an anti-corruption watchdog similar to other democracy-advocates. It also ensures COSMOKOS operations do not affect sovereign operations

Police of the Parliament #

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The Police of the Parliament (VENOPOR) are the national and paramilitary police of Vekllei, responsible for internal security, riot control, counter-terrorism, disaster response, law enforcement and maritime rights protection. The VENOPOR is made up of a variety of organisations dedicated to specialised and tactical forms of policing unavailable to the Police of the Public. As a paramilitary force, the VENOPOR are also trained to support the Crown Armed Forces in wartime, and coordinate broad mobilisation in the event of a defensive war.

VENOPOR jurisdiction is organised within the individual theatre commands of the Crown Armed Forces. Kala, the Antilles and the Vekllei and Kalina Islands maintain their own VENOPOR police forces, and other Commonwealth members and territories are dependent on Vekllei Islands policing.

Coast Guard of the Parliament Police #

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The Vekllei Coast Guard (also the Navy of the Parliament or the Coast Guard of the Parliament Police) is the maritime naval police of Vekllei responsible for search and rescue and law enforcement in the territorial waters of Vekllei.

As part of the Commonwealth Security Concordat, the Vekllei Coast Guard also provides maritime policing services to members of the Commonwealth. It is among the most well-equipped and militarised coast guards in the world, and assists in rigorous protection of Vekllei’s Atlantic claims and oceanic exclusive economic zones.

Customs of the Parliament Police #

The Customs of Vekllei (also the Vekllei Customs and the Customs of the Parliament Police) are responsible for customs and excise duties in Vekllei (and, largely, the Commonwealth). It is also the law enforcement agency responsible for the import and export of goods in Vekllei.

Mint Guard of the Parliament Police #

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The Mint Guard (also Gold Sappers) are responsible for the security of financial assets in Vekllei, particularly currency and gold reserves minted and held by the Vekllei National Mint. In addition to providing security for Mint sites and infrastructure, the Mint Guard also escorts the transfer of Vekllei currency and gold internationally.

Judicial Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Judicial Guard are responsible for the policing and security of Interior and Commonwealth courts and prisons. The Judicial Guard supply officers for correctional facilities and bailiffs for courthouses, and are also responsible for prisoner transport. Judicial Guards report directly to the Courts of Vekllei.

Special Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Special Guard (also Honour Guard) are a security unit responsible for policing high-value and high-risk targets, particularly the Interior and Commonwealth Parliaments, representatives of the Crown, and sites of particular political or historic importance. They are also responsible for the protection of the Prime Ministers and important persons, as well as foreign dignitaries.

Militia of the Parliament Police #

The Militia of the Parliament Police are an auxiliary and reserve force of the VENOPOR, and serve a similarly paramilitary function in Vekllei society. Although the miltia report to the Crown Armed Forces as part of the VENOPOR, they similarly serve a primarily policing role in peacetime consisting mostly of crowd control and support of conventional policing outfits. Militia units in Vekllei may consist of volunteers, as per the Army Reserves, or conscripts in Compulsory Service.

Police of the Public #

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The Police of the Public (COSMOPOR) are the local police in Vekllei, consisting mostly of constabulary responsible for local policing. COSMOPOR are retained on a municipal level, and divided between municipalities in neighbourhoods known as commissions. A commission is lead by an Inspector or Qualified Constable. Each neighbourhood commission, which might comprise an area of thousands of people, is further subdivided in constabularies, which are the responsibility of a constable. Constables general know each person in their constabulary, and visits each residence regularly to confirm the welfare of their community and hear their grievances.

Constables attend to the security and peacefulness of their jurisdictions, and are often unarmed. Most arrests and warrants are executed by Inspectors or VENOPOR officers rather than constables.