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Hello, I’m Hobart. I’m an Australian illustrator and writer living and working in Tasmania. I like machines, midcentury design and visiting new places. I studied as a journalist, but now work in illustration.

Vekllei has existed in some form since I was a kid, but I started working on it properly in 2017.

You can follow my progress on this project on Instagram, Twitter, or join my subreddit.

You can write to me at 📧 [email protected].

News #

September 2022

📗 September 21, 2022 New post: The Scouts URL →

🌐 September 19, 2022 Made a huge update to the colour of the site, and fixed a lot of small nav bugs and inconsistencies that had been around for a while.

📗 September 16, 2022 New post: Lola, Borough of Genesisr URL →

📗 September 15, 2022 New post: Story Trailer URL →

📗 September 1, 2022 New post: Stories from the Horizon URL →

August 2022

📄 August 29, 2022 Added an article about the Finance of Vekllei URL →

📄 August 23, 2022 Added an article about the Metaphysics of Vekllei URL →

🌐 August 16, 2022 Painstakingly moved all 315 posts from /posts/ to /stories/, complete with custom aliases (e.g. millmint.net/stories/crown)

📄 August 10, 2022 Added an article about the State Assets of Vekllei URL →

📗 August 6, 2022 New post: The Crown and the Gi URL →

📗 August 5, 2022 New post: Caught Sketching URL →

📗 August 4, 2022 New post: Waiting for a Movie URL →

🌐 August 3, 2022 Added sidenotes! On wide screens, footnotes will now appear in the right margin of an article adjacent to footnoted sentences. A really nice improvement to readability. On mobile, they appear below an article as usual.

📓 August 2, 2022 Added a new /state/ section in /society/ and split up the Government article into smaller pages, in preparation for its public release.

July 2022

📄 July 29, 2022 Added an article about Computing in Vekllei URL →

🌐 July 22, 2022 Added the first Studio Spotlight! A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a post, accompanied by a timelapse. Visible below the School Cape post. URL →

📗 July 22, 2022 New post: The Government School Cape URL →

📗 July 21, 2022 New post: Little Hyderabad URL →

🌐 July 19, 2022 Overhauled the site colour system with Jip, who did an awesome job transforming my clunky CSS into javascript

📗 July 12, 2022 New post: Café Diplomacy URL →

June 2022

📄 July 29, 2022 New borough article: Pharos URL →

🌐 June 24, 2022 Added lazy-loading to images on the site, improving performance.

📒 June 22, 2022 Drew a sketch of Tzipora and Cobian before their school formal. Just some fun between comic pages URL →

🌐 June 15, 2022 Added a swish animated cover for the home page, and moved the great existing parallax to Intro in preparation for an overhaul URL →

📒 June 7, 2022 Drew a uniform reference to keep clothing details consistent between chapters URL →

🌐 June 6, 2022 Added auto-numbering and anchors to the headers on the site for easier navigation

📒 June 4, 2022 Drew a height reference sheet for the comic characters so I stop drawing Tzipora and Cobian the same height URL →

📒 June 2, 2022 Finished a Zelda reference sheet, now featuring eyelashes URL →